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Dealing with frustration

Oh squidgy piglets!

Do you get frustrated at the end of the day and just want to roar?

The answer is you can and should but only in a safe environment. You need to as it is unsafe not to process your emotions.

What I want you to do when you get home is to process your emotions of frustration. A few ideas:

  • Pop a balloon. Be prudent and have it blown up ready in the morning.
  • Write down your situation and how it makes you feel. Then rip it up and throw it in the bin.
  • Have a pile of old junk in your yard or spare room and start destroying it lol. N.B; be careful of sharps and be responsible for any other family members. Notify them first and consider if this is the best option unless you live alone.
  • Listen to Christian heavy metal. Seventh day slumber is good. Not too heavy as I do not want your house to turn into a mosh pit lol.
  • Hold your hands to your face or go under water in the bath (be responsible again please) and make the silliest faces that you would not dare make in the day.
  • Think of something sad in your life so that you can cry. Or sad music as crying helps massively.
  • Think of something that will give you a genuine belly laugh. A DVD or some other media or maybe think of something funny in your imagination if you are good at that. Limit imagination though otherwise your brain will have trouble breaking down the dopamine and you will feel rough.
  • Imagination is good if you are homeless. Friend don’t drink and do drugs, you are loved. Get to a church and find one of the genuine Christians who really cares for you. They exist. You need the Lord and work clever not hard too.
  • Vent to someone that you trust. Phone someone to vent to if you are alone and make sure they dont mind.
  • Any other responsible ideas that are safe and work that you can think of.

A book named “The chimp paradox” by Professor Steven Peters suggests that we need to exercise our inner chimp (our emotional part) in a safe environment and then calmy box it by talking to it with our inner human. Then we reward the chimp with a banana e.g. a cup of tea. We practice nurturing our inner chimps.

What Jesus wants us to do process the hurt (as we are only human) and then forgive as we have been forgiven by Him. The bible says we should forgive 70 times 7 which means that we should keep on forgiving. Also Mathew chapter 6 shows us that if we do not forgive then we shall not be forgiven. Pray that Jesus can help you to forgive.

Proverbs 20:3

it is an honor for a man to stay aloof from strife…

Shaaaalom grrr! lol

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Shopping guide🍌

I have been walking round my home town recently and I am happy to say that I have been more relaxed about the recent zombie outbreak. Morag and Slemmith seem to be getting on better now.

However some bloaters seem to have escaped the barricade.

A good diet with clever ways to do it:

  • If you are homeless then get bananas for a soft Potassium happiness boost. Get a good multi-vitamin box too and see it help in a short while. Decaf coffees, tea and snuggly hot chocolates so you can sleep when you need to.
  • Lots of water (this applies to everyone). N.B; if your not homeless then give the above to the homeless and get karma for your philanphrophic banana (not that we get to heaven that way).
  • Jacket spud with tuna mayo and salad done right can make you feel strong.
  • Look at the colours of the adverts in your food items. Naughty companies choose red and white e.g. see how England pasted it’s flag over William Wallis’s Scotland flag. Learn other colours too and have a relaxing brew. N.B; this is not always true therefore discern other ways too.
  • Please choose organic as it helps the animals, gives you more nutrients to feel good and if you choose right then honest companies benefit. Such companies having more money and thus influence will bring a practical sort of karma to you.
  • Eat your greens and have smoothies. Boil sprouts and have them with something or blanc them and freeze for later. They make you feel great and if you collect the water after, you can choose to drink it for a turbo boost (can freeze this separately too).
  • Read the labels. Choose products with high amounts of the ingredients you need e.g. B vitamins if you are tired or your mental health is wobbling. Work out what you need. Too much sugar is bad for mental health.
  • Choose products that have low amounts of what does not help you e.g. gluten if you get Irritable Bowell Syndrome (IBS).
  • Chocolate when you are down. I would never deprive you of this πŸ™‚
  • Alternatives like Macha green tea and other unusual foods can be very beneficial i.e. green tea has lots of ant-oxidents. A 2:5 week fasting or vegetarian diet maybe. Research the benefits.
  • Filtered water at home. Does not have to be a pricey device.
  • Get your protein. Nuts and other alternatives if you are a vegetarian. Again, organic is best.
  • Orange juice decanted into plastic bottles and then frozen to have with a boiled egg in the morning (scramble if you get IBS). The vitamins will help you get the protein.

Do the above and see how much better you feel. You will be surprised.

I did this and you should too as you can eat healthy and be without joy (above and below is recommended though):

Matthew 6:33 ESV

“But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”

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Cuddle up with Jesus – He loves you massively

The bible is also known as the Word and the Word is actually Jesus:

Oh child, how I love you.

John 1:1‭-‬5 English Standard Version

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things were made through him, and without him was not any thing made that was made. In him was life, and the life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”

So if you are reading your bible, maybe getting into a Psalm like Psalm 23, then you are cuddling up to Jesus in your spirit as He loves you.

He loves you so much that He died on a cross for you. He is the bible in your hands and all around you too as He is God.

In time you can really get the hang of this way of thinking and actually get a proper spiritual cuddle. It makes sense as God is love.

Take it slow reading your bible first off though. Don’t beat yourself up reading lots and lots but do try.

Don’t beat yourself up with the King James Version unless you like it with it’s thou’s and thee’s.

Try the English Standard Version or even easier and fun is the Message version.

Guys, we do not actually need to work our way to God with good deeds such as giving to charity. God likes that kind of stuff but He is saying that He loves you anyway.

What God wants is a relationship with you. We get that relationship by faith and the bible is the best place to get that after praising Him as He is lovely. Prayer is maybe third best and He always hears and wants to bless your socks off.

Relationship is not religion so chill out and enjoy His love.

You find after a while that you feel so loved by God that you start overflowing with love and blessing people. Feels amazing.

Word up duck! πŸ™‚

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Big Lessons 1-10 series

I have been through a bit of a tribulation period in my life and came through it.

God let this this happen in order that I would learn to look after myself and then pass this wisdom on to others in order to help them look after themselves.

This is the Big Lessons (BL) series:

  1. The sinful lilo (conquering sin)
  2. Relax And Try (surviving persecution)
  3. Storms (Word foundation & do what Dad says)
  4. Understanding (the DUWD)
  5. Hebrews 12:5-6 (caring discipline)
  6. Your talking device (the power of what we say)
  7. Pacing it (Proverbs 16:32)
  8. Rationing (life or lock up)
  9. Exercise (a game changer)
  10. Being methodical (best way to do stuff)

Disclaimer for not being methodical; these posts are not displayed in order on the blog.

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Big Lesson 1 – the sinful lilo

Audio version

Are you always struggling with the same old sins? Do you end up feeling down as the tempter got you again and then told you your muppet after?

What if you have a few sins that always re-occur but one of them is the root. What if they all went if the root went.

What I mean is maybe one sin is making you a mess and when you struggle to give up, this sin produces other sins to compensate, like a lilo i.e. you push down one part of the lilo (maybe smoking), and another part of the lilo pops up (maybe Ben and Jerry’s icecream). Result is you get fat or feel rubbish smoking:

Tackle your root sin. Draw a graph of how and when you sin in order to work out what your root is. What a clever way to repent and have a joyful life instead as sin will make a Christian a shaky mess. See how wisdom tastes and smells instead:

Proverbs 3:13 ESV “Blessed is the one who finds wisdom, and the one who gets understanding”

Sin does make you a mess:

Target your worst sin and get rid of it. It is smoking in the above paragraphs as it is highly addictive. You might scoff delicious chocolates for a while like I do, but soon you will adapt.

Wanting to escape reality with chocolate, smoking, drinking and other routes will make you an addict. Being an addict will obviously be reflected in the way you relate to people e.g. you will only seek what you want to get your fix and people will not like you.

Have a trusted Brother or Sister in Christ to be accountable to about your sin problems and make sure you pray about it. Learn wisdom in order to cleverly conquer it. There is a whole book in the bible devoted to wisdom. The book of Proverbs. Get wisdom, it is delicious!

Shalom πŸ˜ƒπŸ’›

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Big Lession 2 – Relax And Try

Audio version


If you Relax And Try, you will not feel like the dude in the image above.

Things seem to be a bit stormy in the world at the moment. At least that is the way it seems to me in the UK due to brexit.

If you are having to deal with stressful situations e.g. people are being mean to you, you have lots of jobs you must finish or even if it is just coping with normal life, then I have a game changing solution.

When your body is in a relaxed state, your brain is able to make more complete decisions. This way you will be successful in what you are doing as you will make rational decisions.

It seems simple but if you Relax And Try (RAT) as hard as you can then you will win.

When you believe that you are able, it would be a good idea to practice your patience by deliberately choosing a busy supermarket queue so that you practice. See how perfectly you can manage it. Youths may be yelling at each other in the queue but stand firm as your relaxed mind knows you are on the right side of the law. Minions barge you but again you know the law and if you let them hit you with no provocation then you actually win as they go in the cell.

The opposite is getting yourself anxious as they intimidate you and then you give the fight response of the fight or flight in built natural reaction we all have. This will make you start shouting and hitting out which will then get you in the cell while the minions go and kick a homeless man before they get home where they plan more evil. Running away which is the flight response will get you in a cell too as people will not understand. Lets face it guys, anti-semitism is on the rise and the UK is in a bit of a mess.

Jesus will do the rest for you if you Relax And Try as hard as you can.

Find ways to relax e.g. focus on your breathing or focus on the soles of your shoes as you walk along. Invent ways to be mindful and research mindfullness in order to relax.

Learn this well and it will become a habit in a few weeks. You will feel empowered and be able to thrive in and not just survive the current times.

This is a powerful proverb and if you get the hang of it you will win.

Proverb 16:32 ESV

“Better a patient person than a warrior, one who holds his temper than one who takes a whole city”

That is a whole city. That is how powerful the virtue of patience is.


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Big Lesson 10 – Being methodical (best way to do stuff)

Methodical means systematic. Like a computer you do things in the correct order in order to be the most efficient.

Have you ever been camping and lost your phone or other important item on the ground? Did you panic and search for it in random locations and then get super stressed as you could not call for help?

Maybe you left it by the river where you had a shower, came up to camp and then realised you have not got it anymore.

You search your left trouser pocket then your trouser leg pocket then wrongly your left pocket again as you are panicking and not thinking right.

You search the ground at random locations and then your rucksack and then your left pocket again.

You are panicking and run to the river. You break down and cry as you have no phone.

After you have read this post you will know what to do instead of what is written above.

The first thing to do when you lose something is tell yourself not to panic. Be calm and be systematic.

Time one minute on your watch to think back in your mind where you have just been and where it could be. If it does not come to mind then start your search.

Search the pockets of the clothes you are wearing but do it systematically. What I mean is left then right pockets and the rest but make sure you do not repeat any pockets.

Search your rucksack and other areas but do it systematically.

When you search the ground by the river later on, pick a section of ground maybe 4 meters by 4 meters and scan each square meter from the top left to the top right. Then do the second row from left to right. Then row 3 and 4. This is what I mean by systematic.

So you still cannot find it. Panicking and stressing does not help anything so tell yourself the truth that it will turn up soon. Now your not panicking you can make a plan e.g. work out the closest direction to a pay phone. I have always found that the item turned up after this.

Did you know that when you hoover the floor at home, doing it systematically from top left to top right and so on like searching at the river, will make it seem like a lot less time.

Apply this way of working to the way you do survival and you will win.

Oh crap! Where’s my chocolate? πŸ˜‹πŸ«

Bless ya πŸ’›

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Spiritual warfare

People are desperate and afraid because of Brexit therefore they turn to unhealthy things like witchcraft for hope and protection.

Look at the media for clues e.g. I saw the “Take a Break” magazine cover the other day and it is riddled with it. Spells, horoscopes, horror films and more! This will rot your soul and take away your hope instead.

Not that it is wrong to take a break and relax πŸ™‚

Witchcraft is detestable to God and it hurts kids and breaks up relationships. It makes God furious (Jesus), it ruins peoples lives (Others) and it steals your soul (You). It hurts the JOY in this world and I hate it with a passion.

How to defend yourself:

  • Praise Jesus. Praise is the highest level of faith.
  • Read your bible. Faith comes through hearing and hearing through the word of God. Jesus is the Word.
  • Serve God in actions. This really helps as it gives you the breastplate of righteousness.
  • Get yourself wisdom and understanding. Understanding cuts through the lies of witchcraft like a hot knife through butter.
  • Sensibly listen to Christian heavy metal like “Seventh day slumber”, do some press ups and have some frickin courage!
  • Learn about spiritual warfare from very trust worthy sources and become a spiritual soldier.

Example of withcraft abuse from neighbour:

Neighbour looks over the fence of your house, pretends not to see you and then gives you subtle verbal abuse after you say hello e.g. a condescending but polite pronouciation of your name. Witches are clever and use psychology. Later in conversation they subtly remind you of a failure you made at work this week. Your esteem is low now. Witch says to you “here take this turkish delight, I don’t like it”.

You back inside and leave the sweets on the kitchen unit for few hours as you think about the job failure and your neighbour also as you sit on a kitchen chair looking at the sweets.

She has a spiritual connection to you through an object now and can plant whispers in your mind e.g. drink alcohol to escape the hurt of the job failure. Every day she talks to you over the fence and it gets deeper and deeper until the pile of empty bottles of gin gets higher and higher.

Tommy does not have a Dad anymore.

This is illegal in Israel.

Proverbs 4:18‭-‬19 ESV “But the path of the righteous is like the light of dawn, which shines brighter and brighter until full day. The way of the wicked is like deep darkness; they do not know over what they stumble.”

Bless you,


What better way to end the day than by raising your imaginary Moses staff, praising Jesus and asking for all the enemies seeds sown at night to not take root so that the world will be a better place for the gospel tomorrow.

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Super present – bike down hill, fold, bus up

Yes boss!

Fold up bikes are great for bus and train. Wisely choose a good quality one that is not too pricey.
Get your tyres pumped up solid and go for a ride down and a hill and along flat which is more pleasant than up hill, fold your bike and get the bus back up the hill.

Proverbs 3:17 ESV

“Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace.”

Always bring a puncture repair kit and a spare inner tube if you are able to mend punctures. Pay for slime to be put in your tyres at a bike shop if you cannot repair punctures. It seals the puncture holes as you go along as the air from the hole binds the slime. Slime binding πŸ˜‹
Helmet, lights and high visibility jacket too obviously.

The law states that it is up to the bus driver’s discretion if you can bring the fold up bike onto the bus or not. Basicaly, if you spend about Β£150 first hand on a fold up bike or get a second hand one that was worth that much, then you will get one that can be compact enough e.g. pedals that fold inward.

I had an old banger of a fold up bike that I got in a charity shop. One grumpy bus driver said no and I chatted to another bus driver about the youth of today after he let me on. Ah, when I was a lad we had downhill contests on our penny farthings πŸ˜‹

This post is especially relevant if you are elderely.

What a super present for the one you love.

I want you to enjoy Summer when it comes along. It is all about staying healthy and enjoying the sunshine. I have said a few things in another blog post about how the sunshine can help you:

Vampire culling

Slarlom, oops er shalom ☺

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Fire and water

An explosion of light in the invisible world


What happens when you add more fire to fire?

It burns hotter.

What happens when you put water on the fire?

The fire stops.


Do we fight hate with more hate?

The fighting increases and you and your enemies suffer more.

Do we quench hate with love?

“But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,”
Matthew 5:44 ESV

I know it is hard but pray for help to do it. Pray that one day you can do it if you cannot do it now.

When you forgive, you are released from a spiritual pickle.

What I mean is, the person who hurt you has forgotten about it and is happy but you are still upset and hurt inside.

If you forgive, the hurt disappears and your will be released. It is amazing how tangible it can be sometimes. I have forgiven before and then my physical state changes significantly i.e. the tension in my muscles vanishes and my posture straightens up.

Read the parable of the unjust manager. It is basicly saying that if Jesus forgave us for our big million pound debt, then we should forgive our enemy of their ten pound debt.

Forgiveness is so vital folks.

I am sick of all the evil in this world. I wish we could all just get on ❀

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A sacred place that I want to protect

Audio explanation of this blog post
Einstein said this is anyone’s power but be careful of karma

Your frontal lobe in your brain is where your imagination is, the place where the heavenlies are for you, the place where you run away to Abba Father as a child – a sacred place.

It is the place that witches and other such minions obviously try and target.
Having funny imaginations is absolutely fine and just like Elijah at mount Carmel, if you mock their magic (you can do this in your imaginations) and have a good chuckle, it’s power will be brought to it’s knees.

Brothers and Sisters, smoking is not a sin but you would be much happier off of them and so Jesus would be happy for you too.

When you quit smoking, life feels so much richer, sometimes like when you were a child. The chemicals in cigarettes do not do your frontal lobe any good. Remember that is where your imagination is.

No smoking is by far the best way but if you want to cut down then quit then get a ecig but be very careful with your liquids please. Assess how it makes you feel after a few puffs please.

Buying a proper E-cigarette which costs about Β£100 (you can also get more affordable deals which are less):

β€’ 5000 unknown chemicals in cigarettes. Only 72 unknown in E-cig fluid.
β€’ Any flavour from strawberry to chocolate to jam donut.
β€’ Cut down nicotine levels over time easily by buying different levels in your liquid.
β€’ Changeable amount of vapour.
β€’ They have been out for a while now (“no one knows the long-term effects” is old now) and they are safe e.g. diactol which causes popcorn lung has been removed from the liquids.

This has got me off fags for two years and I have done a half-marathon. I puff on my E-cig like a chimney with 6mg nicotine in my fluids. Do not puff that much yourself please. I am highlighting that you can be fit on an ecig.

Print this stronghold buster out and use once a day for two months. Just read it – don’t struggle through it but do it:

In Jehovah Ratha’s name I affirm smoking hurts me and others a lot as it is a nasty habit therefore I will quit smoking so I can bless this temple of the Holy Spirit that has been bought with a price:

β€’ Feel fresher and more attractive
β€’ Smell nice
β€’ not be in slavery
β€’ more understanding thus less stress
β€’ have more money
β€’ holier to serve
β€’ enjoy e-cig flavours
β€’ life is richer
β€’ Smoking is nasty and destroys me
β€’ add other reasons you can think of

I smash my habit of smoking to pieces, in Jesus name!

Thank you Jesus that I will quit smoking and feel great as I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me.

Any problems after that then go to a pipe at least as the tobacco is less damaging.


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Mindfullness for Ches homeless & all (the last first into heaven)

If you are homeless, then after trusting in Jesus as your only Lord to protect you, mindfullness can be amazing to help you thrive and not just survive.
Mindfullness is a bit like meditation.

Chesterfield homeless, I want to give you so much food that you look twice as fat and happy as Buddha shown below (this is my aim):

Ommmm, ommm….

I use mindfullness for my mental health problems and it really works.

Buddha did metitation and he really knew how to chill out and if you are homeless then you can use it too.

Mindfullness which is meditation, can relax your mind. You can then make more complete decisions in order to thrive and not just survive e.g. having a delicious Β£1 latte, rollie and mini bible read in the morning  while watching the sun rise wearing warm clothes.

You breathe a relaxed satisfied hmmm as you have your belongings sorted out as they are spread around in secret stashes that you remember.

Once you have wrapped up well try mindfullness. Mindfullness and staying still will make your temperature drop a little bit so be ready.

Find a quiet spot in some woods or the park and get comfy. Then say a quick prayer to Jesus so that your mind is protected for your chill out time.

  • Get ready. Sit and relax your body for a couple of minutes. If you feel agitated then count down from 10 seconds or do 3 deep but slow breathes in and out.
  • Now relax your whole body and bring your focus to your feet. Let all the tensions go out from your feet until there is no tension at all.
  • Now do your ankles, shins and knees.
  • All your body parts all the way up to your hooter and head.
  • Now relax your whole body, sit and feel good for a while.
  • You feel like a slothe. Calm and ready to slowly do your next move in order to help yourself e.g. getting a tent donated to you πŸ™‚

Ultimately, Jesus controls how we feel, and He does not want us all tensed up and unhappy. He loves you and wants the best for you remember.

Anxiety in a man’s heart weighs him down, but a good word makes him glad. Proverbs 12:25 ESV (English Standard Version bible)

Shalom πŸ™‚

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Recent troubles in Ches

Last night at 1.20am I witnessed a serious crime. I saw five labradors (very organised, probably from London) break into Meadowfresh butchers and steal five crates of premium grade cumberland sausages.

After picking up their scent I managed to collar one of them and get a photograph. Like I say, they are very sophisticated. The one I caught looks just like a poodle:

If you have been a victim of organised labrador crime then please read my blog for practical advice on how to survive and continue to live a normal happy life in Jesus.

There are labradoodles now which could mean the end is nigh!

## Update; labradoodles have been rioting outside Mc Donalds and threatening a take over by force. I have been advised that you should give them Walls sausages to appease them. This could be our only hope of being able to continue eating big tasty burgers. If we run out of Walls sausages then we have nothing left than to beg the Lord for mercy.


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Ches homeless – silent demonstration & mental diary

First of all I apologise for recently venting publicly against fascism. Fascism is depraved but venting frustration is not a good example to others.

Silent demonstration

I have explained how the negative people of this world have a go at the good homeless people, in this this post:

Chesterfield homeless ratio principle

Guys I recommend that you use a peaceful but clever solution to fight back. A solution is silent demonstration e.g. a white person in a rascist country bravely does something like sit next to a black person on the bus every day to work and persists until people start examining their hearts about how wrong rascism is.

Honest homeless people, I know you try your best to survive and give up sometimes too, bless you, keep on and don’t give up, your loved. The bible says:

“Blessed are the poor in spirit as they will get to heaven”

I suggest you all wear something like a white ribbon or white bag tied to your backpack shoulder so it can be seen from the front in order to protest against people making you out as a fraud. I think the ratio of bad homeless frauds who copy this will not be able to hide their facial expressions as they will feel too guilty in their conscience and therefore will expose themselves in their facial expressions. Especially in front of good people.

I hope in time that this tactic works and gets the good homeless into shelters with warm food.

Mental diary

Good homeless people, at the end of the day I recommend that you think back on some of the positive events in the day e.g. having a coffee and a rolley or when someone dropped you a Β£20 to spend on something positive like a tent.

If you do this then your mind will be much better and you can then work clever and not hard. This means not gritting your teeth to get stuff done but instead being calm, clever and winning.

It is your choice but I suggest you pray to God who is Jesus. He loves you no matter what you have done (not that it is right to be naughty).

Pray for a house and family and to be given work and a better life where you can be happy. It is very possible and it can and does happen.

Bless you πŸ’›

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Chesterfield homeless ratio principle

The information in this post is true as I have experience in what is written. In other words, this is from the horses mouth as I have had conversations with the homeless, the police and I was a horse myself (homeless).

There is a ratio of good homeless people to bad homeless people (frauds) and what is important anyway is that they are flesh and blood just like us. Whoever reads this, that means you too with your salmon sandwich.

Read on but, see how we can help the homeless in this post: Ephesians 6 oh but the breastplate

This principle of good and bad ratio can be applied to everything and anyone e.g:

  • There is good and bad food on the super market shelves depending on where you shop. Shopping guide post: Shopping guide
  • Good and bad in the government but a small few good as you can see with Brexit’s problems. This post is for my opinion of Brexit: Love’s Brexit solution
  • Even good and bad in heavy metal e.g. Marilyn Manson’s demonic rage in fight song or Rage Against the Machine’s truth in the Guerilla radio song.

The bad in the government harass me using psychology types and financial persecution. I am squeeze persecuted. See the “Freedom?” post: Freedom?

They use people to briefly act as people in my past (personality types) in order to gather information to use against me. Psychology is the study of behavior and so they study me. N.B; they study your statistics on Facebook but that is another story.

The Government use the technique that Alistair McGowan used in the big impression on TV i.e have an image in your mind of the person you want to copy and then you can do an impression to mock them.

Good homeless people are being persecuted in this way too e.g. deformation of character through this type psychology. A homeless person who I wont name for safety has had types put in place to look like him but coming out of a nice house and wearing nice clothes in order to make him out as a fraud.

This is all part of the council’s heavy handed and uncaring way of getting the homeless of the streets so that it looks more attractive for tourism and trade.

Which leads me to say that a lot of the homeless in this town are truly frauds with flats and they still get into the shelters and get the food, which means the good ones shiver and get hungry outside.

The bad in the police get fed up with the whole homeless mess

#### parts deleted here by me as I want to be safe myself ####

There is good in the police too remember.

Brexxit IMO indirectly encourages anti-Semitism and also anti-diversity. See the news and compare your sources to find a true answer.

Jesus said:

“Father forgive them as they know not what they do”

At the same time that nails were being banged through His wrists. Therefore who are we not to forgive all this mess I have written about when He forgives us.

More hate just fuels the fire and more people get hurt anyway, including yourself. Fire and water post: Fire and water

Good homeless, I suggest that you wear distinctive clothing and think how you can get round the problem I have written about above.

People in charge of towns, cities and the church, we need wisdom please. Pray for a spirit of wisdom and get into reading Proverbs which is wisdom literature (a whole big book of the bible devoted to wisdom). Just understand the true riddle of a few Proverbs a day. Don’t read a whole chapter.


  • Examine your heart. Look at the motivations deep inside your heart.
  • be Wise, read those Proverbs.
  • be Faithful. Read your bible for faith. Love your neighbor (the greatest commandment).

We fight back with love and we love with wisdom.

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Love’s Brexit solution

Brexit’s friendly badger

What if all these grumpy people in parliament indirectly and unknowingly bring this nation togethor in love and also set a pattern for other nations to do so too?

All their having a go at each other and making silly rules that evidently don’t work, leads this country into a right pickle. Squidgy piglets, the lot of them.

But is it such a pickle in the long run? What if this nation is forced into a situation where we will need to help each other as things get so bad.

Anyway, half of the country got what they did not want in the vote and if it works or not, the main problem IMO is the anxiety and fear that surrounds the whole blummin thing. It would have worked either way if it was not for the fear and anxiety.

This is the same thinking but suited better to the more academic sort:

Romans 8:28 “And we know in all things, God works for the good of those who love him, those who are called according to his purpose.”

So maybe the Brexiter’s will be part of the “all things”.

I said it before and I will say it again. We need the Lord Jesus on our side as in our own strength we are just naughty naughty no matter how hard we try.

He loves you unconditionaly no matter how naughty we have been so just pray and mean this:

“Lord Jesus I realise I am a human and I struggle with being naughty, you said in your love letter (the bible), that you would forgive me. Please forgive me and help me to be a better person and love my neighbour. Jesus I believe you are God and that you rose from the dead after the cross where you died for my sins”.

Let’s learn to love our neighbour in this time of pickle. We may see another way of life and so end up better than we were with the riches we had before Brexit i.e. we will be drinking chicken soup for our souls and not bloating over lobster.

You can turn fear to excitement by the way. They are emotions that are not very far from each other. You can switch it in your mind.

Check out this post too. It will help you with any worry about the news:


This is important; we all love complaining about Brexit (including me πŸ˜‹), but lets add discussion of solutions in our conversations and actually do it e.g. forgiving each other.

Also, when we have these conversations, the conversations should be civilized adult conversations where it not about “me being heard” all the time, but listening to your fellow man’s point of view too.

Please let us not be illiberal liberals by saying we tolerate all Gods and then get grumpy wumps at Jesus followers. That logic is faulty.


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Power of the cuddle ❀

Quantum carbon fiber micro chips that take off, the mind bending psychology professor with a remarkably massive forehead, the latest temporary television star that is shaking your heart so much that you sprint down the road to buy Hello magazine. And then the old lady who you met by the bus stop one morning who gave you a hug because you were feeling down.

In my opinion the old lady wins straight away. Not that science, brains and some TV is not good. Do you remember how the hug felt though. Like you were touched by a small bit of heaven. Like deep down in your weary soul, some chicken soup was poured in.

In heaven it is just love as in heaven it is just God there. God is love. You just got a bit of heaven.

I believe Jesus is God.

“If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal. And if I have prophetic powers, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love.”
1 Corinthians 13:1‭-‬2‭, ‬13 ESV

N.B; old ladies please don’t put yourself at risk unnecessarily. I am sure you are good judges of character by now. Just as you do not laugh at a joke that is not funny, please do not force yourself to hug people. Let it occur naturally when the time is right.

Always love though.

This post we are on now is the water in this post:

Fire and water

A handbag weilded with years of ancient Chinese martial arts level precision is a force to be reckoned with. Heaven shakes…

Only messing πŸ™‚

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The perfect solo coffee time

Cosy Winter coffee

The perfect solo coffee time – Word / relaxation / readings of wisdom.

Fancy a cuppa tea or a coffee? Then either at home with one of those chilled iced coffee cartons or out at a nice cafe:

  • Read yourself your fav Psalm (don’t beat yourself up with the KJV version unless you like it).
  • Got some faith from your Psalm, now read two Proverbs but make sure you understand it’s riddle i.e. completely understand what it actually means. Rather than reading 10 Proverbs in a row, stew on one and life will taste nicer.
  • Now slump in your chair like a lazy sloth, relax your whole sloth like body from toe to head and prepare for relaxed and thus effective reading that comes next.
  • Two pages at a time of three different, small, wisely chosen books e.g. 3:4 days a week fasting book (for God) and you happen to lose weight, a nutritional handbook, and any other small book that does not make you feel like you are working as a labourer on a building site.

Do this and so find yourself becoming wiser and so much more joyful and wanting to bless others in a clever well thought out way.

Shalom 😊

If you can start your day like this then you are in for a winner. Have a look at this post:

Start your day with the Word of God

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WFT radio at (kranky and scrunchy) TBC then

Search for wisdomfortoday radio at

Chill out music and all the blog posts.

N.B; However there seems to be a Spanish man on it atm saying things and then an English man talking about home security. That is if you can actually find the station using the search. Oh crumbs, TBC then….

POTS Brothers and Sisters – Perseverance Of The Saints. Sharky will try his best to get it working again….

Direct link:

NB# Yes it is the home office BTW so you know why.

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Big Lesson 9 – Exercise (a game changer)

Matthew 11:12 ESV

“From the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven has suffered violence, and the violent take it by force.”

My belief is that the heavens (at least one of the three heavens) are the collective consciousness of mankind. Your mind is either sanctified by the Word of Christ or the Government (violent men) program you with material desires and what not through the BBC.

So the battle is in the mind…

No wonder this verse says that physical training is of some use, even after saying Godliness!

Why? If the battle is in the mind then physical exercise will keep your mind healthy.

1 Timothy 4:8‭-‬9 NIV

“For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come. This is a trustworthy saying that deserves full acceptance.”

Get a load of those endorphins after a good run. It feels super and you can think straight.

Running for aerobic. Pilates for your core which is very strengthening. Either chin ups or press ups for upper body.

If you have a disability that means it is hard for you to exercise, then reading a few Psalms and Proverbs and a prayer first to protect you spiritually, explore mindfulness. It clearly states in this blog the warnings of how witchcraft will without doubt damage your soul, therefore do to not be tempted when you reach new levels of consciousness. Done right, you will get chicken soup for your soul.

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Ches ATM – kingdom hearts

  • HIV needle deliberately placed on side of skatepark where young people are at risk.
  • The homeless are being oppressed.
  • Witchraft is rife and is messing up peoples lives.
  • Other stuff too.

Do not forget that Jesus is in complete control because of the cross and the enemy is on a leash. Trials and hard times make us stronger in our relationship with the Lord.

Church and me included. We have to examine our hearts i.e. young person at risk of HIV then aids for the rest of their life or lets watch Eastenders tonight. Psychology Brothers and Sisters, is a worldly discipline. Fine use it when you need it, but remember what it is.

EWF. Examine your Heart. Be Wise. Be Faithful.

Heart – Consider what actually motivates your actions e.g. giving the homeless food in order to look good or because you love them.

Wise – DONT pickup needles. Report it and be Wise.

Faithful – Read and learn your bible for faith and actually do what it says.

Government and minions harrasing me so if I am locked up soon you heard it here and know why. It is because they do not understand. I forgive them. This paragraph helps me. I am not Jesus but I experience to a much lesser degree some of the stuff that happened to him. All Christians do.

Security of this site targeted.

A Christian once said: “If we as Christians are not in some way given a hard time then what does this say about our spiritual condition?”

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Big Lesson 3 – Storms (Word foundation & do what Dad says)

“Why do you call me ‘Lord, Lord,’ and not do what I tell you? Everyone who comes to me and hears my words and does them, I will show you what he is like: he is like a man building a house, who dug deep and laid the foundation on the rock. And when a flood arose, the stream broke against that house and could not shake it, because it had been well built. But the one who hears and does not do them is like a man who built a house on the ground without a foundation. When the stream broke against it, immediately it fell, and the ruin of that house was great.” Luke 6:46‭-‬49 ESV

When storms come (e.g. a rotten Brexit), stand on the Word of God and be wise by doing what the Word says. Then you will thrive and not just survive.

That is what I did in my tribulation and He gave me 14 Big Lessons. Do the same and you will be fine.

NB. You need faith to receive wisdom so read your bible and even better praise Jesus to get the highest level of faith.

“For the Lord gives wisdom; from his mouth come knowledge and understanding” Proverbs 2:6 ESV

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Big Lesson 4 – Understanding (the DUWD)

You are being mental health raped or generaly psychologicaly persecuted by the Government because you are a Christian….

You have mental knots in your mind. Worries and questions unanswered all floating about in your noggin. This drains your energy and fills you with anxiety and fear that effects your faith negatively.

DUWD = Don’t Understand then Write it Down

Whats that?

I will tell you. Get an A4 bit of paper and write down at the top the question that has been plaguing your thoughts for days. Draw a line down the middle of the page with yes and no at the top on either side.

Write down the reasons for yes and no on each side and give each one a score from 1 to 10 on how valid it is.

Add up the score at the bottom and you have an answer.

If you did it well then you will see something obvious like 50:12 and have no more worries.

If it niggles you after that then put it in a stronghold buster. There is a post for that on this blog.

Thanks Theresa, waffle chops πŸ’›πŸ«

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Big Lesson 5 – Hebrews 12:5-6 (caring discipline)

Check out the cover of this book:
Your heavenly Father God can be cuddly as it says in Romans 8, Abba Father (means Daddy God) with you on His lap.

There is also His tough love that teaches you to be strong so you can cope with life better. This kind of love is prudent e.g. when you put your hand too close to the fire place you get a smack on your wrist from Dad but you never burn your hand again for the rest of your life.

Hebrews 12:5‭-‬6 ESV

“And have you forgotten the exhortation that addresses you as sons? “My son, do not regard lightly the discipline of the Lord, nor be weary when reproved by him. For the Lord disciplines the one he loves, and chastises every son whom he receives.””

When things go wrong, ask yourself the question, is God disciplining me for something I have done wrong?

Maybe He has been trying to tell you for ages and you had been suffering lots but you did not change as you did not know.

If you start asking, finding out through prayer and then repenting of whatever it is, you will start to have a much more successful and joyful life. He is raising you as His child.

God is love and He will love you however He can in whatever situation or place you are in, in order to help you.

N.B; the book mentioned above is amazing. The Father figure is the most vital relationship you can have therefore this book will significantly strengthen your Christian walk i.e. people say “he knows the Father”.

The Father is greater than Jesus and He is the sovereign ruler of the whole universe.

A nice old hymn about your Father in heaven:

Father God I wonder how I managed to exist without the knowledge of your parenthood and your loving care.

But now I am your son, I am adopted in your family, I can never be alone as Father God your here beside me.

I will sing your praises.

I will sing your praises.

I will sing your praises for forever more.

You are His biological child and He can never let you go.

He is outside of time and knows the future perfectly thus He is perfectly powerful.

He is God thus He can pause time, rearrange things and then press play again e.g.

  • World war 1 1914 Christmas truce football match.
  • Joshua 10:13 when the sun stopped (how we measure time).

Selah. You are safe child πŸ’›

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Big Lesson 6 – Your talking device

Audio version

What you say with your mouth can get you out of trouble or into trouble therefore we need to be wise.

I have given examples of how the book of Proverbs teaches us to use our words wisely.

The book of Proverbs is a whole book within the sixty six books of the bible that is devoted to wisdom.

If times of persecution come then you need to know what not to say, what to say and also how to say it e.g. you do not tell an aggressive thug where to go.


Proverbs 18:21

“Life and death are in the power of the tongue and those who love it will eat of it’s fruit”.


The words that come out of our mouths are so so important and powerful. The Father that said “I love you, please listen to me” kept his son from a night out with bad company that would have cost him his son’s life.


Proverbs 12:19

“Truthful lips endure forever but a lying tongue is but for a moment”.

You tell one lie and it got you what you wanted, you get addicted straight away and in a moment you cannot keep track of the lies and you are exposed.
Just leave out the truth if you have to and it feels good being honest. Be clever in how you manage not to lie.


Proverbs 21:23

“Whoever keeps his mouth and his tongue keeps himself out of trouble.”

“I wonder what cannabis is like” says the lad sitting in the fast food restaurant whilst a dealer overhears. Offered and accepted two hours later, he develops mental health problems later on in life.


Shalom ☺
Be careful please πŸ’›