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The perfect solo coffee time

Cosy Winter coffee

The perfect solo coffee time – Word / relaxation / readings of wisdom.

Fancy a cuppa tea or a coffee? Then either at home with one of those chilled iced coffee cartons or out at a nice cafe:

  • Read yourself your fav Psalm (don’t beat yourself up with the KJV version unless you like it).
  • Got some faith from your Psalm, now read two Proverbs but make sure you understand it’s riddle i.e. completely understand what it actually means. Rather than reading 10 Proverbs in a row, stew on one and life will taste nicer.
  • Now slump in your chair like a lazy sloth, relax your whole sloth like body from toe to head and prepare for relaxed and thus effective reading that comes next.
  • Two pages at a time of three different, small, wisely chosen books e.g. 3:4 days a week fasting book (for God) and you happen to lose weight, a nutritional handbook, and any other small book that does not make you feel like you are working as a labourer on a building site.

Do this and so find yourself becoming wiser and so much more joyful and wanting to bless others in a clever well thought out way.

Shalom 😊

If you can start your day like this then you are in for a winner. Have a look at this post:

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