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Work Clever Not Hard (CNH)

To all the Christian’s here and beyond. I want you to work clever not hard. Don’t grit your teeth to get things done, things that if you were more clever, you would have realised did not need doing straight away.



Work clever and be efficient:

  • Only wash up the pots and plates you need right now and leave the soapy water in with the rest so it is ready when you have a spare moment.
  • Visitors coming to sit in your lounge then only hoover the lounge as that is what they see. Do the rest later so you have time to sort some receipts out so you can easily find the ones you need to keep.
  • Have a calming Christian music playlist ready on your phone for when you are out so that you do not have to unlock your phone every time you want a track change. Calming music encourages a wise and clever spirit too.
  • Think what else you can do e.g. “maybe I can read my bible more efficiently using page markers. What else in my life can I do I wonder”.



Please, please, work clever not hard and you will win.




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