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Maslows hierarchy of needs

Maslows hierarchy of needs has been developed by a Jewish man named Abraham Maslow. It is excellent for checking up on yourself or your loved ones to see if they are missing anything vital.


Obviously Jesus Christ is our hope and protector but the Lord loves it when we are wise and look after ourselves too as I am a strong believer in the saying that God helps those who help themselves.


So, it is a triangle diagram with different sections that range from your physiological needs like breathing and excretion, to your safety needs such as morality and resources.
The bottom section is your most basic needs which you need to get right first. Then work your way up the triangle meeting more fussy needs until you reach your full potential.


It would be super if you could print out an easy to read copy from an images search on your internet search engine (use and you will be planting trees at the same time).
Put the diagram on your wall and:

• If you feel tired then look at your psysiological needs (bottom section). You may find that you are lacking water or sleep and that more water or a short sleep picks you up again.

• Check your safety needs to see if you have enough resources by checking you have some fresh fruit in your kitchen.

• Every now and then check through this triangle and you will find that if you meet your needs then you will feel a lot more joyful.


Bless you ☺

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