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Do not get too relaxed

If you are a Christian and you are feeling great and having good times (most usually after serving God this occurs), then keep your happy times rolling by not getting too relaxed as that is when the enemy catches you out and steals all your joy.

Luke 4:13 And the devil had finished tempting Jesus, left Jesus and then waited for an opportune time.

For example (ficticious scenarios):

  • You just preached and you know it was good as you know that your heart did it for Jesus when you did it. You are not married and when you get back home you are happy and decide too ask your girlfriend round for a coffee and chat. You feel great but you get too relaxed and the enemy tempts you with sin. You and your girlfriend snog before marraige and this short mad fun sin robs all your joy for a long time to come.
    Stay on your toes, you should have went to a cafe.
    Note: I have a girlfriend but this did not happen to us and we also have wise backup plans in place for any frustrations.
  • You have quit smoking for a year and an old friend from your last job turns up and you have a lovely chat about old times. You feel relaxed and happy in his company so you take the fag he offers you and you are hooked again.
    You got too relaxed and stung by temptation. Also should have packed your E-cigarette to have as an alternative instead.
  • Think ahead about when this might happen to you. Think of an example yourself, be prudent and keep your joy rolling.


Shalom ☺

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