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Praise is the highest level of faith

Do you remember guys how in the old testament the Israelites won mighty battles when they were vastly out numbered. They did it while singing praise to God.

Praise is the highest level of faith as it takes place in the third heaven where the Seraphim and Cherubim are right next to God praising Him.

We should never use a sword to win our battles (the pen is mightier than the sword anyway), but why shouldn’t we be like those Israelites and think (don’t go singing in the office as it is a bad witness) of songs in our minds as we go through our challenges in the day:

• Hillsong Oceans when you need big faith to love someone who hates you or to give you faith to use your Luke 10:19-20 authority. Makes you do something amazing as it is a profound sounding song.

• The battle belongs to the Lord when you are in a cycling race event. Your strength is God you know therefore you can go very fast. A bit like the Israelite battles.

• How great thou art or The Maker by Chris August when you walk through the forest. You get peace out of this busy world as you enjoy creation more through seeing clearer how much of a good designer He is.

• If you are struggling to praise then just say “Father you are good” and mean it in your heart. This is a big faith power pellet you have just swallowed.

• Think of your own ones guys and feel the boostings.


Praise Jesus 😃

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