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Body heat vital information

If winter is coming soon in your part of the world then we need to keep warm for it – getting ill because of the cold will hurt you and the ones you love as you will be less able to help them.



We lose the most heat and energy through our head and hands:
• Wear fingerless gloves to keep your hands warm and so that you can tap your smartphone screen or phone keys.
• Get a nice comfy beanie hat.
• Get back home and cup your hands under the hot tap. Careful not too hot. This feels nice after being out and it is amazing how much it picks you up.



Wear layers of clothes:
• Don’t wear two thick top layers, wear three or more thin top layers. Air heats up between the layers and keeps you warm, that is how it works. Have front zips on the top layers so you can control the heat
• Use thermal underwear as a base layer for your trousers and top. £15 roughly to get both of these.
• Tuck your thermal trouser base layer into your socks and your first top layer into your trousers.


Take vitamin C dissolvable tablets once a day and you are much less likely to get a cold. Use a slice of lemon in water.
Look after yourselves and keep warm please ☺

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