Lavendar pillow

Lavendar under pillow for restful sleep plus a worry solution

This is a simple an easy solution for a restful nights sleep.
Either harvest some lavendar from your garden or local woods or buy some lavendar oil.

Put the lavendar in a sock under your pillow or sprinkle a bit of lavendar oil on the sock and put that under the pillow.

You will find that lavendar has a calming effect and if it is under your pillow all night, you will get a super restful sleep.

With lavendar I have found that a 4 hour sleep seems as good as a 7 hour sleep. Not that I am suggesting a 4 hour sleep. You should aim for 7 hours.

Also, if you are tossing and turning in bed worried that you cannot sleep for an important task the next day (e.g. job interview), then just lay there and relax your body as this will regain your energy anyway.


Do the above and say to yourself “if I relax my body then I will regain energy and if I sleep then even better”. With this attitude, you will find that you soon sleep anyway as the worry that was keeping you up has gone.

Night night

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