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Sleep 101 – Earplugs are the way forward. I know but try this / 2 hour theory / 20 minute reset

Earplugs are the way forward. I know they are annoying but try this

Did you try ear plugs once and not get on with them and then take them out as you thought they were not comfortable.

Do you still get broken sleep because of the noise but will not use ear plugs.

When you actually manage to get used to them, they are amazing and your sleep pattern gets super blessed though. It is so worth it especially for prudence for a night when you have to sleep.

Let me tell you how to get used to them:
β€’ Get really tired one night and put them in thus you will just sleep and that is one night done.
β€’ Conquer the belief that they are not good by counteracting with the belief that the prudence for the long-term benefits are worth it.
β€’ I reckon roughly three or four nights getting used to them and you will think they are super.
Oh by the way, if you have trouble hearing as you have blocked up lugholes, then gently warm up some pure virgin olive oil and put it in a very cleaned squeezy bottle with a thin end (like a syringe) and put it in your ears to soak for 2 minutes when you are laying on your side. Do this for a feq days and tidy up with a tissue each time obviously.
Otex eardrops is even better if you can afford.

My 2 hour theory

Are you tired and know so well that you need to sleep but you are laying there annoyed and worried about tomorrow as you cannot sleep?
When you lay down, your pulse drops and your body regains energy anyway.

Why not do that for 30 minutes, and hour or learn 2 hours.
Lie down and tell yourself that your body is regaining energy and if I sleep then I sleep (nothing to worry about then).
what you will find is that with this thinking you will soon sleep anyway.

20 minute reset

Did you get little sleep last night and feel tired today?

Do not go to sleep for 7 hours in the day time to catch up as this will mess up your sleep pattern. Do that if you are truly exhausted though.

What I am saying is set your alarm and try sitting in your bed or a comfy chair for 20 minutes on your pillow and just relax with your eyes closed. It does wonders to pick you up for the rest of the day and it feels like a reset for you.
Shalom πŸ›

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