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This post was previously called “Xmas day and new year’s eve & day alone” but is now called “Alone” so it gives you help throughout the year.

I know, I am sorry that it has to be this way. At least let us see what we can do.

• Chocolate binge – maybe if you can afford it.

• Press ups – nah lol 🙂

YOUR IMAGINATION – always and forever. Let me explain.

You can makes things so real inside your imagination that you can go on holiday there and if you are good then you can even meet people there. People who care.

“But I don’t have an imagination” you say – “Not true” I say back. “You have a head on your shoulders and a frontal lobe on that head”. Frontal lobe is where your imagination is and where the heavenlies are.

You should behave in these heavenlies as Jesus controls them (Ephesians 1:20-21). If you are loving in your imagination then you will find that loves come to you. A bit like a karma.

The only way I can do it is by thinking of something that I like thinking about e.g.

• If you are a skater then think of doing a massive treflip into a 5 O grind down a stairs with a rail and then revert out. Get the feeling of it and picture it. Imagine you are wearing a lose unbuttoned shirt on a sunny dry day as you flowed into your trick. You will find that you are better at skating the next day as something occurred in the heavenlies. Think how cool it would be if everybody started banging their decks. You feel even better at skating as you teach noobs how to, but you do it kindly and they help you back.

• If you like animals then think of cuddling up to a friendly polar bear who just wants to love you and be your friend. As you rub his belly, he then makes the decision to make you the nicest sugary cup of tea you have ever had.

• Think of something that you enjoy, practice and it gets more and more real.

You might not have realised, but the places you can go are limitless – young children like me who were abused are allowed to go to Narnia in their imaginations. God is my witness I have been there.



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    Do que pregar sendo que o santo é maltratado pelos que fingem acreditar no supremo.

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