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About me

I give advice on Worthy Christian Forums website too.

I struggle with Seasonal Affective Disorder over Winter so please forgive me if I snarl like a zombie. Someone recommended that I should do gentle purring instead. Only being silly but I do get SAD.

I am an abuse victim and run half marathons for and other charities:

I have been running for different charities for a few years (Ashgate Hospice for example). The NHS Charities Together is to me the most vital right now.

These are some of the other runs I have done. I am about average speed but I manage to raise a bit:
Chesterfield Half-Marathon October 2020 was
cancelled due to Corona virus. Completed 10K virtual run in Holmewood 18/10/20
for Ashgate Hospice: coming up on 4/1/21 Running with wind the to get the Christmas turkey belly off.
Will also do Chesterfield RedBrik 10K 2021 as registered runners enter 2021.
Sparkle 10K run for Ashgate Hospice Care on 19/09/20 and raised money.
Completed the Bolsover 10K race on the 15th of December 2019.
Ran for charity:
North Derbyshire Running Club active member
& England Athletics active member.

Chesterfield half marathon 20/10/2019.
Raised £220 for Ashgate Hospice Care.

Chesterfield half marathon 2018. £210
raised. 1 hour 47 min.

Chesterfield half marathon 2017. £60 raised and time was 2 hour 4 min.
Hardwick 10k 18th July 2019 race completed in 45 minutes

My latest run is a 10k to be done in December 2020 for the NHS:

I believe that if you are going to help somebody suffering, then you should have been through it yourself. Then you understand. Jesus went through everything for us, so He is the best person to help us and He is God.

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