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Happiness giving calendar (Jesus terms and conditions LOL)

I know how you can be a lot more happy. Let me tell you. I have said it before and I will say it again. You cannot have peace and true happiness without Christ so this post is about living victoriously before heaven.


Get a paper wall calendar that you can hang on you wall and that has big blank squares on for each day:

– When you have a good day, colour in the square gold.

– When you are not sure, colour in half of the square gold.

– When you have had a bad day, leave it blank.



Now you can look at your calendar and remember when you are feeling down that you have had good times before feeling down. This helps to pick you up again. It also works in many other ways to make you more joyful e.g. one of the reasons is that each time you colour in, you are making an effort for happiness and so this trains you.


If you start remembering that you have been happy, then you will start believing that you are happy. The Word says that anything is possible for him who believes.


I want you happy, but what I mean is that I want you living victoriously before heaven comes. Your soul will not be satisfied outside of Christ.


All this sounds simple but it does have a signficant effect.


Add up the gold on your calendar at the end of each month and maybe see what days were good and what days were bad. Cleverly see how you can be prudent for those bad dates for the next time they come around e.g. irrational worry about the end of the month being tough actually in turn makes it tough therefore I will be prudent and get support on these days.


You can buy gold biros. Just get a pen or pencil with a bright and happy colour.



I pray you have victory in Christ ☺


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