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Homeless people – mental diary & actually off grid

I have explained how the negative forces have a go at the good homeless people in Chesterfield, in this this post.

Honest homeless people, I know you try your best to survive and give up sometimes too, bless you, keep on and don’t give up, your loved. The bible says in Mathew 5:3;

“Blessed are the poor in spirit as there’s is the kingdom of heaven”.

Mental diary

Good homeless people, at the end of the day I recommend that you think back on some of the positive events in the day e.g. having a coffee or when someone dropped you a £20 to spend on something positive like a tent.

This will structure your memory and make you feel much better mentaly in order to cope.

Even better, get a small A5 sized notepad and a small biro pen that both fit on your pocket. Write only 2 or 3 short sentences of good things that have happened in the day. Make sure its only good things you write and something that will help you remember when it happened. Short sentences too e.g. I smiled when someone smiled at me at the bus stop today waiting for Joe Bloggs.

Off grid actually

When I was homeless, half of it was ok as I had Jesus on my side. He let me into a secret. The secret is that if you realise you are not in the nine to five work culture of the world, you are off grid and actually free in a way, like how people used to live in forests a long time ago.

A Psalm and a coffee cooked in a mess tin with your gas stove on top of a hill with a forest view is better than being behind a computer with your boss shouting at you as you made his coffee the wrong way.

Actually a type of freedom that you can access if you just learn embrace this secret in your mind.

The Lord did this for me and He can do it for you too. There are many cool things like this when you become a Christian.

Work clever and not hard. This means not gritting your teeth to get stuff done but instead being calm, clever and winning. Your mind works better when you are relaxed.

It is your choice but I suggest you pray to God who is Jesus. He loves you no matter what you have done (not that it is right to be naughty).

Bless you 💛

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