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A sacred place that I want to protect

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Einstein said this is anyone’s power but be careful of karma

Your frontal lobe in your brain is where your imagination is, the place where the heavenlies are for you, the place where you run away to Abba Father as a child – a sacred place.

It is the place that witches and other such minions obviously try and target.
Having funny imaginations is absolutely fine and just like Elijah at mount Carmel, if you mock their magic (you can do this in your imaginations) and have a good chuckle, it’s power will be brought to it’s knees.

Brothers and Sisters, smoking is not a sin but you would be much happier off of them and so Jesus would be happy for you too.

When you quit smoking, life feels so much richer, sometimes like when you were a child. The chemicals in cigarettes do not do your frontal lobe any good. Remember that is where your imagination is.

No smoking is by far the best way but if you want to cut down then quit then get a ecig but be very careful with your liquids please. Assess how it makes you feel after a few puffs please.

Buying a proper E-cigarette which costs about £100 (you can also get more affordable deals which are less):

• 5000 unknown chemicals in cigarettes. Only 72 unknown in E-cig fluid.
• Any flavour from strawberry to chocolate to jam donut.
• Cut down nicotine levels over time easily by buying different levels in your liquid.
• Changeable amount of vapour.
• They have been out for a while now (“no one knows the long-term effects” is old now) and they are safe e.g. diactol which causes popcorn lung has been removed from the liquids.

This has got me off fags for two years and I have done a half-marathon. I puff on my E-cig like a chimney with 6mg nicotine in my fluids. Do not puff that much yourself please. I am highlighting that you can be fit on an ecig.

Print this stronghold buster out and use once a day for two months. Just read it – don’t struggle through it but do it:

In Jehovah Ratha’s name I affirm smoking hurts me and others a lot as it is a nasty habit therefore I will quit smoking so I can bless this temple of the Holy Spirit that has been bought with a price:

• Feel fresher and more attractive
• Smell nice
• not be in slavery
• more understanding thus less stress
• have more money
• holier to serve
• enjoy e-cig flavours
• life is richer
• Smoking is nasty and destroys me
• add other reasons you can think of

I smash my habit of smoking to pieces, in Jesus name!

Thank you Jesus that I will quit smoking and feel great as I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me.

Any problems after that then go to a pipe at least as the tobacco is less damaging.



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