Ches ATM – kingdom hearts

  • HIV needle deliberately placed on side of skatepark where young people are at risk.
  • The homeless are being oppressed.
  • Witchraft is rife and is messing up peoples lives.
  • Other stuff too.

Do not forget that Jesus is in complete control because of the cross and the enemy is on a leash. Trials and hard times make us stronger in our relationship with the Lord.

Church and me included. We have to examine our hearts i.e. young person at risk of HIV then aids for the rest of their life or lets watch Eastenders tonight. Psychology Brothers and Sisters, is a worldly discipline. Fine use it when you need it, but remember what it is.

EWF. Examine your Heart. Be Wise. Be Faithful.

Heart – Consider what actually motivates your actions e.g. giving the homeless food in order to look good or because you love them.

Wise – DONT pickup needles. Report it and be Wise.

Faithful – Read and learn your bible for faith and actually do what it says.

Government and minions harrasing me so if I am locked up soon you heard it here and know why. It is because they do not understand. I forgive them. This paragraph helps me. I am not Jesus but I experience to a much lesser degree some of the stuff that happened to him. All Christians do.

Security of this site targeted.

A Christian once said: “If we as Christians are not in some way given a hard time then what does this say about our spiritual condition?”

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Mature evangelical protestant Christian who loves loving people with wisdom in action.

Blog of practical wisdom in the current times so you can thrive and not just survive

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