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Metallica – One (torture)

In the heavy metal music video One by Metallica it shows a man in war time strapped to a bed with a wire going through his head and a mask on his face so he cannot see or speak. He keeps saying “someone please help me” in his thoughts as he lays there. His torturers eat delicious food and party in a separate room.

This kind of stuff happens in war time and this video is old too.

Now this kind of stuff happens to anyone that is considered a problem to unethical Government, but in a new more sophisticated way e.g. someone with the necessary skills parks outside your house and just like the devil whispers horrific taunts in your mind, some people (e.g. Russians or people using witchcraft) will do this. Sounds dumb? Ok, you have seen what Derran Brown and Dynamo can do, surely they can send a whisper to your head. How about “you have been given an ADHD drug”. You then cannot sleep and lay awake for ages in your bed in thinking mode. Bet you had a night like that. Then you are given a well planned set of whispers which immobilizes you and then starts an exponential pain curve e.g. just like hell in your mind.

Proverbs 3:13 Blessed is the person who finds wisdom, the person who finds understanding.

When you know what I have stated in the two paragraphs above, you can easily defeat this type of evil i.e. get out of bed and have some water, go back to bed and never let the curve start (get out again if it does) and think in pictures or even better clear your head before you sleep.

Pictures do not react to a verbal whispers in your mind. If they are good they can use pictures (I had this with a witch before). Clear your mind for this.

Proverbs 27:12 A prudent person sees danger far off and hides, but the simple carry on and suffer for it.

Learn to meditate, clear your mind and think in pictures in anticipation of this.

Government’s are usually heavy handed and won’t let you explain yourself before it happens e.g. I was homeless and I went of grid, then got a house and did some half-marathons etc in the grid. I give to the poor and preach the good news of Christ crucified. All this but the Government harasses me.

My Lord Jesus gave me the balls to say this. This is the kind of stuff that spies learn and I had to learn it after giving tangerines to the poor. I got this wisdom from the Lord in Scotland when I was camping and on the run.

I hope this stops a lot of pain.

Bless you, in Jesus name.

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