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Dealing with frustration

Oh squidgy piglets!

Do you get frustrated at the end of the day and just want to roar?

The answer is you can and should but only in a safe environment. You need to as it is unsafe not to process your emotions.

What I want you to do when you get home is to process your emotions of frustration. A few ideas:

  • Pop a balloon. Be prudent and have it blown up ready in the morning.
  • Write down your situation and how it makes you feel. Then rip it up and throw it in the bin.
  • Have a pile of old junk in your yard or spare room and start destroying it lol. N.B; be careful of sharps and be responsible for any other family members. Notify them first and consider if this is the best option unless you live alone.
  • Listen to Christian heavy metal. Seventh day slumber is good. Not too heavy as I do not want your house to turn into a mosh pit lol.
  • Hold your hands to your face or go under water in the bath (be responsible again please) and make the silliest faces that you would not dare make in the day.
  • Think of something sad in your life so that you can cry. Or sad music as crying helps massively.
  • Think of something that will give you a genuine belly laugh. A DVD or some other media or maybe think of something funny in your imagination if you are good at that. Limit imagination though otherwise your brain will have trouble breaking down the dopamine and you will feel rough.
  • Imagination is good if you are homeless. Friend don’t drink and do drugs, you are loved. Get to a church and find one of the genuine Christians who really cares for you. They exist. You need the Lord and work clever not hard too.
  • Vent to someone that you trust. Phone someone to vent to if you are alone and make sure they dont mind.
  • Any other responsible ideas that are safe and work that you can think of.

A book named “The chimp paradox” by Professor Steven Peters suggests that we need to exercise our inner chimp (our emotional part) in a safe environment and then calmy box it by talking to it with our inner human. Then we reward the chimp with a banana e.g. a cup of tea. We practice nurturing our inner chimps.

What Jesus wants us to do process the hurt (as we are only human) and then forgive as we have been forgiven by Him. The bible says we should forgive 70 times 7 which means that we should keep on forgiving. Also Mathew chapter 6 shows us that if we do not forgive then we shall not be forgiven. Pray that Jesus can help you to forgive.

Proverbs 20:3

it is an honor for a man to stay aloof from strife…

Shaaaalom grrr! lol

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