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Big Lessons 1-10 series for if things get tough

I have been through a bit of a tribulation period in my life and came through it.

God let this this happen in order that I would learn to look after myself and then pass this wisdom on to others in order to help them look after themselves.

This is the Big Lessons (BL) series:

  1. The sinful lilo (conquering sin)
  2. Relax And Try (surviving persecution)
  3. Storms (Word foundation & do what Dad says)
  4. Understanding (the DUWD)
  5. Hebrews 12:5-6 (caring discipline)
  6. Your talking device (the power of what we say)
  7. Pacing it (Proverbs 16:32)
  8. Rationing (life or lock up)
  9. Exercise (a game changer)
  10. Being methodical (best way to do stuff)

I have also given relevant advice on the “Worthy Christian Forums” website ( with name “Sharky and George”.

Through the Holy Spirit, Jesus taught me Big Lessons (BL’s) when things were really tough. These BL’s can be applied to other sorts of tough times too.

I received wisdom from God e.g. I learnt understanding like BWE’s. BWE’s stands for Betroot What Else. Beetroots revolutionized my vitamin decefiency because of my medication that I had been put on because of my mental health label. Medication is actually necessary though.

The point about BWE’s is that God was teaching me the same principles as is shown in the Chimp Paradox book by Professor Steven Peters. Addressing the vitamin deficiency enables me to manage my inner chimp.

Professor Steven Peters has led people to win gold in the olympics through his mind model.

You should have some fruit tins and baked bean tins in your cuboard but there should still be enough space left for a pussy cat to manover inside. Two lessons; do not stock up a silly amount when you do not need to and do not put your pussy cat in the cuboard.

By jb00000

Mature evangelical protestant Christian who loves loving people with wisdom in action.

Blog of practical wisdom in the current times so you can thrive and not just survive

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