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3 must read books to bless your walk

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The Cross Centered Life by C J Mahaney

This a small in size book. Like, 4 inches by 4 inches. Its about having the cross of Jesus in the center of your walk as a Christian. The Old Testament points to the New Testamenent birth, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus who is God. Read this book once a year to stay spiritually on the ball.

Loved Like Never Before by Ken Symington

Another small book but not as small. An easy read. Dont judge a book by the cover but there is a lovely picture on the front of a Dad cuddling a son. Its about Daddy God and I always say that knowing Abba Father is a vital blessing in your Christian walk. So many benefits to JOY (Jesus, Others, You) of knowing the Father.

The Problem of Pain by CS Lewis

Jesus Christ suffered for us and we are CHRISTians. God will give you seasons of happiness but if you did not have discipline (pain) then you would not know how not to treat people. We have to accept that sometimes we will suffer.

The bible

Just wanted to say that this goes without saying. Oh no I just said it. Now I can say that I said something thats goes without saying. It has been said, just leave it at that.

We need to learn, memorize as much as we can and understand the Old and New Testaments but actually live it e.g. loving in action, forgiving in our hearts and praying for our enemies when we can, as is written. Not having bible quote battles.

The Word is the foundation of our faith e.g. when we memorize Romans 8:38-39, Jesus can then remind us of this verse when He whispers to us in His still and peaceful voice and we are no longer afraid.

The English Standard Version is an amazing version and I have a post called “Learning the Word takes away fear”. Jesus is the Word actually and He said so many times in the bible, do not be afraid. The bible is our trust resource (the opposite of fear).

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