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Home survival & magic meanies – 21 top tips

Brexit and Corona has this country in a mess and many UK institutions are going pear shaped. There is a remnant and if you reading this then its probably you. My opinion is that when a country transgresses like this, people dont care anymore and find hope in soul rotting things like witchcraft. This is why your mind is being battered where ever you go. Trust me, its rife and its hidden (the definition of the word occult) but now you know. There are other reasons you feel the way you feel but I am not safe to say here.

1. Find an easy way to praise Jesus. Just think “Jesus you are good” and remember a time when He blessed you e.g. when He made a verse stick out in the bible that let you know your loved. Takes 3 seconds and is a power pellet for your soul. You need clever not hard ways in spiritual warfare. If you break through in praise then it raises above the battle. You will know when you have done that.

2. Spiritualy they will make you feel like you are in a small box and that it is wrong to have fun and be free. The answer is to eat lots of chocolate and enjoy yourself so do some sensible escapism like making silly jokes with your friends. Just make sure you have some fun. Also play with your cat or dog.

3. Have an ultra cold shower. Put on some face cream (a little bit so you are not dependant on it to not get dry skin). A bowl of fresh organic steamed veg. Beetroot juice to wash it down (B vits strengthen your noggin).

4. Massage your imagination as they are attacking it. Old retro PC or console games screenshots is a game changer.

5. Go for a run, swim, tai chi or other sport. This helps a lot.

6. The snap out way. You might be hunched up and grumpy with your thoughts going round in circles. Get your CD player and put it on full blast lol.

7. Think in pictures. See how well it works when you try it.

8. A spirit of wisdom. Ask the Lord for it while you ponder Proverbs. Wisdom is how God sees the world which is the reverse of the witchcraft view. It cuts through the fear making lies of witchcraft like a hot knife through butter. Understanding will guard you atm.

9. It sounds classic but garlic. There is something in the cartoons. Where did you think they got the idea from. People would have used it a lot back then when we were more spiritual so its still in our make up. It helps to believe. Chop some up and put it in a blender then leave the container open. Have lots in your food too for your breath. We should not be attracting everyone anyway lol.

10. Magic only hurts you if you are afraid. Jesus said do not be afraid lots of times in the bible and did you know fear and excitement are similar emotions that you can switch one way in your mind. Turn fear to excitement then like going for a mission in a haunted house.

11. This one is vital. Forgive, love and pray for the occultists. Mathew 6:15 (you should keep short accounts with God anyway), Mathew 5:44 and Romans 12:21. If you get bitter or angry with them then you will still hurt inside.

12. Know your verses too as the Word is the real facts, the truth. Use the sword of the Spirit to blast away any lies from the enemy (Ephesians 6). Research how to use the sword of the Spirit skillfully.

13. Tumeric capsules from your health food shop. Science shows that this effects the blood to brain barrier in a positive way. I believe mental health is actually demonic like they did back then. Science provides a how and the bible provides a why IMO.

14. Reading books. a brain scan for when people read and it shows a big amount of activity. Reading massages your brain and you learn too.

15. Research and do the prayer of St Patrick. For me its even better than the Ephesians 6 armor. Do Ephesians 6 armor too though. Check out my post on that for how to put it on properly.

16. If you are getting your thoughts battered at home then it helps to do lots of little jobs around the house. Nothing too strenuous e.g. be clever and wash up just the plates you need, empty the bin, iron just two shirts etc. It is distraction and sometimes it breaks it completely. Write down your jobs list in bullet points and put a number before the bullet point for its priority. Do high priority first.

17. Look up blanket forts online and make one. Read the Word inside and have cups of tea as a cup of tea always helps too.

18. Laugh at it. The enemy hates being mocked. The enemy is the casters sin and not them btw, they are still loved. Laughter truly brings the false power to its knees.

19. If its a blue sky then look up and let it clear your mind. Thank the Lord for His wonderful creation.

20. Make yourself mentaly strong and you will be fine e.g. reading, revising and other academic things. It does not have to be genius, it will help a lot if you just stimulate your noggin.

21. Methodical music and creativity; Listen to liquid drum and base music. If you can, try and research Christian DnB. It can help you to be methodical and focus on creative tasks e.g. making a collage or sketching. This could very much distract you from worrying or being fearful.

22. Does it feel like groundhog day to you? Pray for a perception change as some people even like it when the days are the same. People changing their perception of things is not uncommon, so if they can, then you can too. Pray that Jesus would let you see your life differently in your mind, then your reality will change. Research online how to stop the groundhog.

This may all seem strange but you are in an invisible war. Stand strong Christian soldier!

By jb00000

Mature evangelical protestant Christian who loves loving people with wisdom in action.