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If you are a noob then read this to become an ubernoob

First of all, being a Christian and having a relationship with Jesus is amazing. The things of this world grow strangely dim and your heart finds what it needs; acceptance, significance and security as you sync with your loving Father and creator God.

Here are a few top wisdomfortoday non-Christian posts:

If you are new to Christianity or you are just getting interested, then think about and do the following things:

  • Being a Christian is about having a relationship with Jesus through faith and following Him. It will help you if you understand what this means so do research from valid Christian sources to find out what it is all about.
  • Have regular coffees with a truly loving Christian who believes the bible and be nice and not prying. Learn from them. Please do not take advantage. Brothers and Sisters please be wise to who actually genuinely wants help and who does not. Obviously there are minions in the world BUT also in the church too to be fair. Obviously we know that the world is not completely full of Mother Theresa’s. Ask loving Christians where abouts in the bible to start from.
  • Remember and memorize what you have learnt in the two above points as this will make things easier. Pen and paper unless you have a good memory anyway.
  • Try not to be nervous, if you find a true Christian then they will bless you. Ask them about their testimony, the Gospel, how they recieved forgiveness for mischief and Jesus love.
  • Ask about receiving the Holy Spirit and praying the sinners prayer as none of us are perfect. That includes me very much. Only do this when you feel comfortable and understand what is being said.
  • Have a go at praising God ❤😃. Maybe look at nature like a beautiful sunset and tell Him how cool He is for making it.

Being a Christian can be hard sometimes. We learn to become new people so that takes a bit of work. We have God on our side though and so as He is love, His blessings far out weigh the struggles.

There is a whole new world of love for you in Jesus Christ. He paid for all of our naughtiness at the cross and is waiting with open arms to give you a big spiritual cuddle.

But if God is all powerful, then how does He allow suffering? The bible says that heaven is for eternity and that this life is a max of 120 years. Do you see the math for that, can you see that this is a short time of testing, or birth pains like the bible says.

I believe that in the spiritual realms in God’s lounge, He has pictures of you on His mantel piece of when you were happy and He has collected your sad tears in a bottle that He treats as sacred. The bible says clearly that God is just love, His feelings toward you are just love and Father God just wants to wrap you in His warm powerful arms of love and bless you home to heaven.

Sabrina the pussy cat has done her best to interfer with this post, but through the power of Jesus I have overcome and been triumphant. Possibly have a quick look at the ‘Recent labradoodle trouble’ post 🧡🐈💚❤😃

By jb00000

Mature evangelical protestant Christian who loves loving people with wisdom in action.

Blog of practical wisdom in the current times so you can thrive and not just survive

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