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You need to get your human givens still in these times

I think that being in lockdown for a while and also the thought of another possible lockdown is having a bit of an effect on the way that people think. I think it gives people a lot of fear.

Obviously we need to contain the virus but I think that the isolation has caused a lot of mental health problems that are linked to fear.

I think that fear causes bad mental health. I also think that mental health is more of a spiritual thing sometimes but that is another story.

When we fear or when we are in a mess and do not feel loved, we can sometimes do negative things like turning to witchcraft or Fascism. Those two things go hand in hand by the way.

I am reading a book called Human Givens by Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrrell. It is this psychology book that says we should make sure our human givens are met before we do something silly. Making sure that we have control over our lives, meaning and other givens too, but that we have privacy so that we can process the givens. Think about if you are getting them after you have read the right bits of the book.

IMO some people have stopped believing that they have privacy as they believe that they are on TV somehow. The kind of thing that people think when they get carried away at pub karioke. This is a mental health problem caused by the lockdown. You need to believe the truth that you are not on TV and thus not turn to something silly. If you believe that you have no privacy then you will have no privacy. I do not have this problem myself.

If we are a Christian then Jesus will meet our needs but even then it would be wise to make sure that we are getting our human givens.

I recommend that you read this book because of the current times but remember that Jesus Christ is our first help above all.

It is a semi thick book therefore maybe read it as a reference for the things that are applicable to you in these times.

Think about how we can use psychology in a positive way in order to help people. I do think that psychology is more of a “how” though and the bible is a “why” thing e.g. the days of creation in the book of Genesis (why) could be symbolic for the theory of evolution massive periods of time (how).

Shalom 😄💚😃❤

By jb00000

Mature evangelical protestant Christian who loves loving people with wisdom in action.

Blog of practical wisdom in the current times so you can thrive and not just survive

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