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1974, 2020 and all of our minds

First of all, God has a special love for gay people and that is the actual reason He says hard to take things in the bible about homosexuality i.e. He warns them of eternal things as He loves them. I am scared of what I will get for posting this. I see a gay person like any other human who has any other sin problem. No partiality and no judging.

I am an abuse victim and I stuggle with homosexuality. I also had mental health problems which I believe were because of it. We stopped believing in the UK what I just said in 1974 but I believe that the mental health ‘how’ is for the bible ‘why’ just like the separate years of Genesis being a metaphor for millions of years of evolution.

I like the company of gay people and find them fun i.e. camp out humor even though I think it is wrong. I enjoy having coffee with people like this and if they do not want to talk about religion, then thats fine with me. We have free will and that is important.

My view is a view that is gentle and we live in a democracy.

I believe that traditional marraige and the traditional family unit, holds society togethor.

I think that a persons perception of reality becomes richer and more enjoyable when they do not struggle with this. This is what was lost in 1974.

I would have a friend who is gay just as much as a friend who is not.

Gay rights campaigners have become too powerful thus Brothers and Sisters in Christ I want you to remember what the Word of God says about this, not what the world says.

I have a voice like anyone else and I mean what I say with respect. It is your choice and there is no pressure but I want to let you become aware that some understanding has been lost in history.

By jb00000

Mature evangelical protestant Christian who loves loving people with wisdom in action.

Blog of practical wisdom in the current times so you can thrive and not just survive

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