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This needs to happen

This needs to happen

Spread the Gospel, even just the name of Jesus. People can look at a bible when they get back home. They may just have to be reminded that He exists.

Well guys, we have something global going on, there are many fires and there are locusts under reported.

I could be wrong but as a prudent Christian I will say give it the benefit of the doubt just incase. If it is the end then you would do better this way by far.

So what about all the people who do not have Jesus, what are they going to do?

There may be some people who do not even know who He is.

So everyone needs to know that in their desperate need if it is the end, that they have someone who loves them who they can call upon for help.

Think about how you can gently but cleverly do this e.g. in a conversation deliberatly say “Jesus loves me this I know” or “the bible says Jesus loves me” so not non-believers over hear you. They remember what you said and have a friend to pray to when it gets tough for them.

Think of other clever ways. These few words remembered by someone could help them so so much. Doing it cleverly like this could be a game changer.

Obviously be wise and sensible about this. Do not put yourself at risk or others.

Cleverly spread even just the name though.


If someone is begging you to help them, then what does God do when you do not help that person and instead hurt them?

By jb00000

Mature evangelical protestant Christian who loves loving people with wisdom in action.

Blog of practical wisdom in the current times so you can thrive and not just survive

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