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Mental health top tips

Hi guys, got some top tips here on how to look after you mental health. Always a must and very much so if another lockdown comes along i.e. lockdowns are a bit of a change to peoples normal routine and this can have a negative effect on mental health.

I will give the top tips as mental health is real and needs the amazing strategies that we have developed in this day and age but I will say that my belief is that mental health (e.g. a chemical imbalance in the brain) usually due to a spiritual cause. I always say that the days of Genesis creation are a metaphor for the millions of years of the theory of evolution. The bible being the spiritual why and evolution as the how. Why and how then. We treat a symptom when we treat mental health and unless we tackle the spiritual route cause, we will find that other symptoms pop up when we treat them. But whats wrong with doing both? Nothing:

• Mindfullness meditation. This is a real game changer. Look up how to do it online. We can apply this way of relaxing and living in the here and now to our daily lives easily e.g. you can even be mindful about eating food. I do it lots and I feel really good from it.

• Lots of water every day as science says that we are composed of a high ratio of water. Get a water filter to get the bad stuff out, even better. Limit the amount of caffiene you have so you can maintain a good sleep pattern. Have decaf coffee and tea and imagine it is caffinated – it works.

• Lookup the benefits of tumeric and maintaining homeostasis in your body.

• Research valid mental health blogs and mental health valid sources too. Things likr Maslows Hierarchy of need.

• A good solid breakfast, lunch and dinner with a balanced diet. Lookup a balanced diet chart.

• Lots of exercise. I do all of these points but I find that exercise is a real game changer. It can make you feel really good. Check out 1 Timothy 4:7-9 as exercise is even of use next to Godliness. If you find it hard to get yourself to go out for a cycle then just force yourself to do 5 minutes and then you find you do 45 minutes. The bath is 5 times nicer when you get back in Winter.

• A good sleep pattern and sleep hygiene with things like lavendar oil on your pillow.

• Lots of fresh air and enjoying yourself out doors in the forest.

Make sure you rationalize atm. If you smile and say hello to someone you know in the street and they ignore you then consider that it is nothing personal but instead the fear inside them that is a result of the Corona virus lockdown.

I like to rationalize when things seem strange e.g. if someone I know passes by me the street and does not say hello, then I will think to myself that they either did not see me, they are having a bad day or they or they are grumpy with me. I have learnt that it is always what I conclude, the first two. Thats after having a coffee and chat with them later in the week.

If you get niggles or worrying questions in your mind then get an a4 piece of paper, write your question at the top, write reasons for and against on each side of a line drawn down the middle. Score each reason and add up the number at the bottom. When you see the score for how silly it was, you believe the truth and feel fine.

These are just a few top tips that I use, but things like this can bring you real quality of life. In faith I believe that God taught me these things along the way. Dont forget that Jesus was the great physician.

I recommend the book The Chimp Paradox by Professor Steven Peters. Look after your basic needs like sleep and territory etc so that your inner animal Chimp does not start to complain. You manage your inner Chimp with your human AKA reasonable, sensible selve and autopilots in your memory AKA your Computer. The Word is very human therefore when we use the sword of the Spirit on our Chimp, we find it works very well. Infact I have a theory that our Chimps are something to do with our sin. Take a read. A bit of science and faith working togethor here maybe.


By jb00000

Mature evangelical protestant Christian who loves loving people with wisdom in action.

Blog of practical wisdom in the current times so you can thrive and not just survive

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