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5W & taking every thought captive

5W and taking every thought captive

For though we walk in the flesh, we are not waging war according to the flesh. For the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh but have divine power to destroy strongholds. We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ,

2 Corinthians 10:3‭-‬5 ESV

What does 5W mean? Firstly, we know that we can use the sword of the Spirit in Ephesians to counter the enemies lies e.g. enemy says “eat two 12 inch pizzas all to yourself” and you say “the thief came only to kill steal and destroy but Jesus came to give me life and life in abundance” as you would get big belly ache. Sometimes though the enemy will put a psychological knot in your head and you will even feel tension there. The enemy might make you feel emotional about something that is not real, say its your fault and then you are tensed up with guilt. The devil is the author of confusion so if you are ever faced with a mind knot, then untie it using 5W. 5W is writing down who, what, why, when and where. Remember you will not be attacked beyond what you can bear (1 Corinthians 10:13). An example. It has to be a mind loop or knot. I might have to update with a better example.

Who – the devil lieing to me

What – the lie I am guilty for thinking of lots of chocolate, saying its only chocolate and then resisting chocolate when actually its time for a small treat

Why – as the devil wants to hurt everyone and me

When – when you need to treat yourself

Where – outside a chocolate shop

Answer – eat chocolate. No, really lol its to understand the mind knot which then unties it as the knot is a knot in your understanding and thinking.

Shalom, the principle is there at least, its just thinking of a good example.

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Mental health top tips

Hi guys, got some top tips here on how to look after you mental health. Always a must and very much so if another lockdown comes along i.e. lockdowns are a bit of a change to peoples normal routine and this can have a negative effect on mental health.

I will give the top tips as mental health is real and needs the amazing strategies that we have developed in this day and age but I will say that my belief is that mental health (e.g. a chemical imbalance in the brain) usually due to a spiritual cause. I always say that the days of Genesis creation are a metaphor for the millions of years of the theory of evolution. The bible being the spiritual why and evolution as the how. Why and how then. We treat a symptom when we treat mental health and unless we tackle the spiritual route cause, we will find that other symptoms pop up when we treat them. But whats wrong with doing both? Nothing:

• Mindfullness meditation. This is a real game changer. Look up how to do it online. We can apply this way of relaxing and living in the here and now to our daily lives easily e.g. you can even be mindful about eating food. I do it lots and I feel really good from it.

• Lots of water every day as science says that we are composed of a high ratio of water. Get a water filter to get the bad stuff out, even better. Limit the amount of caffiene you have so you can maintain a good sleep pattern. Have decaf coffee and tea and imagine it is caffinated – it works.

• Lookup the benefits of tumeric and maintaining homeostasis in your body.

• Research valid mental health blogs and mental health valid sources too. Things likr Maslows Hierarchy of need.

• A good solid breakfast, lunch and dinner with a balanced diet. Lookup a balanced diet chart.

• Lots of exercise. I do all of these points but I find that exercise is a real game changer. It can make you feel really good. Check out 1 Timothy 4:7-9 as exercise is even of use next to Godliness. If you find it hard to get yourself to go out for a cycle then just force yourself to do 5 minutes and then you find you do 45 minutes. The bath is 5 times nicer when you get back in Winter.

• A good sleep pattern and sleep hygiene with things like lavendar oil on your pillow.

• Lots of fresh air and enjoying yourself out doors in the forest.

Make sure you rationalize atm. If you smile and say hello to someone you know in the street and they ignore you then consider that it is nothing personal but instead the fear inside them that is a result of the Corona virus lockdown.

I like to rationalize when things seem strange e.g. if someone I know passes by me the street and does not say hello, then I will think to myself that they either did not see me, they are having a bad day or they or they are grumpy with me. I have learnt that it is always what I conclude, the first two. Thats after having a coffee and chat with them later in the week.

If you get niggles or worrying questions in your mind then get an a4 piece of paper, write your question at the top, write reasons for and against on each side of a line drawn down the middle. Score each reason and add up the number at the bottom. When you see the score for how silly it was, you believe the truth and feel fine.

These are just a few top tips that I use, but things like this can bring you real quality of life. In faith I believe that God taught me these things along the way. Dont forget that Jesus was the great physician.

I recommend the book The Chimp Paradox by Professor Steven Peters. Look after your basic needs like sleep and territory etc so that your inner animal Chimp does not start to complain. You manage your inner Chimp with your human AKA reasonable, sensible selve and autopilots in your memory AKA your Computer. The Word is very human therefore when we use the sword of the Spirit on our Chimp, we find it works very well. Infact I have a theory that our Chimps are something to do with our sin. Take a read. A bit of science and faith working togethor here maybe.


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This needs to happen

This needs to happen

Spread the Gospel, even just the name of Jesus. People can look at a bible when they get back home. They may just have to be reminded that He exists.

Well guys, we have something global going on, there are many fires and there are locusts under reported.

I could be wrong but as a prudent Christian I will say give it the benefit of the doubt just incase. If it is the end then you would do better this way by far.

So what about all the people who do not have Jesus, what are they going to do?

There may be some people who do not even know who He is.

So everyone needs to know that in their desperate need if it is the end, that they have someone who loves them who they can call upon for help.

Think about how you can gently but cleverly do this e.g. in a conversation deliberatly say “Jesus loves me this I know” or “the bible says Jesus loves me” so not non-believers over hear you. They remember what you said and have a friend to pray to when it gets tough for them.

Think of other clever ways. These few words remembered by someone could help them so so much. Doing it cleverly like this could be a game changer.

Obviously be wise and sensible about this. Do not put yourself at risk or others.

Cleverly spread even just the name though.


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Lest we forget

We should always remember history to let us live prudently for today.

I had a conversation with someone who believed that any belief you hold should be tolerated, even Fascism. To me it is obvious that if we tolerated Fascism in the two world wars then that person would not have the choice to believe anything but Fascism. No choice of religion or freedom at all.

We need to remember the lessons of history. This is very important.

I believe that if Hitler had of won, then the devil would have come down to earth. The devil is not your friend:

John 10:10 The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.

The thief is the devil and he will steal all of your joy, infact he is responsible for all of the pain that you and your loved ones have ever felt. Jesus came to give you life and life to the full.

The biggest lie the devil has ever convinced us of, is that he does not exist. This is similar to why we forget the vital lessons of history. He is a deceiver. Do you not think that the Father of lies would lie to you.

The pandemic is unusual, we have fires and locusts. I am not saying that it is the end, but I will say that even if it looks a bit like it, then we should give it the benefit of the doubt and do what the bible says we should do in end times as it is the bible that we understand end times from.

Hitler got into power when people were desperate for hope. He fooled them and his evil led to mass suffering. Let us not get into a situation where we are again desperate. Lets be prudent.

Proverbs 27:12 The prudent sees danger and hides himself, but the simple go on and suffer for it.

Check out this blog for how we can be prudent i.e. turning back to Jesus and then remaining in the truth:

John14:6 Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

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Stay in the truth – mind the current time

Dear beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I want to give the following warning message below in love as you are wonderful and beautiful Christians that Jesus loves and wants to keep on the right path.

You are a beautiful and precious Christian who shines God’s truth and love into this hurting world. Please look after yourself. Understanding will guard you, so see Proverbs 2:6. Spiritual things are priority over worldly cures not that they do not help. The bible first then. Know your verses and stand on the facts of the Word of God.

IMO, society at the moment is in a bad state as it has lost its grip on truth, the bible. I think it is worse now than it has been for a long time e.g. gay marraige, many tempting worldy material goods, young people that do not listen to their parents to name a few.

I can see this in the UK very much.

Lockdown produces fear within the non-believer which can also lead to mental health problems. This and the political situation can make people less reasonable.

Please be vigilant and remember that the Word of God is the truth to stand on, not feelings, not another Gospel, the facts of the Word.

Please be wise and prudent, do not go off the path by letting your heart carelessly take on sin like homosexuality. The world is pushing homosexuality powerfully ATM, so do not fall into that trap. The bible warns a lot about this and other ways of going off the path.

Obviously we love and respect gay people but remember that the bible is the Word and the Word is Jesus thus it is so so important that we keep to this.

Gay people have a choice and we should not force them to believe. If they are willing to listen to us then that is their freewill choice that we should respect and be gentle with. Be wise, it is strength as wisdom is how God made the world and sees the world.

With love,

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1974, 2020 and all of our minds

First of all, God has a special love for gay people and that is the actual reason He says hard to take things in the bible about homosexuality i.e. He warns them of eternal things as He loves them. I am scared of what I will get for posting this. I see a gay person like any other human who has any other sin problem. No partiality and no judging.

I am an abuse victim and I stuggle with homosexuality. I also had mental health problems which I believe were because of it. We stopped believing in the UK what I just said in 1974 but I believe that the mental health ‘how’ is for the bible ‘why’ just like the separate years of Genesis being a metaphor for millions of years of evolution.

I like the company of gay people and find them fun i.e. camp out humor even though I think it is wrong. I enjoy having coffee with people like this and if they do not want to talk about religion, then thats fine with me. We have free will and that is important.

My view is a view that is gentle and we live in a democracy.

I believe that traditional marraige and the traditional family unit, holds society togethor.

I think that a persons perception of reality becomes richer and more enjoyable when they do not struggle with this. This is what was lost in 1974.

I would have a friend who is gay just as much as a friend who is not.

Gay rights campaigners have become too powerful thus Brothers and Sisters in Christ I want you to remember what the Word of God says about this, not what the world says.

I have a voice like anyone else and I mean what I say with respect. It is your choice and there is no pressure but I want to let you become aware that some understanding has been lost in history.

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Colourful & nice pictures of our personalities on face masks atm would help massively. Top tips too

Guys I was thinking that some people might be afraid at the moment because of what is going on in the world with the Corona virus and that making or buying face masks with nice colourful designs would make people feel a bit better.

I think that the best idea would be to wear a mask that shows your personality as a lot of us is hidden behind the masks.

If nice colourful masks which show our personality became a new big thing that catches on then I think it would help a lot as so much of our communication is through body language.

If a lot is body language then a massive lot is the mouth.

Look up the stats for how much of our communication is non-verbal.

Top tip: when you are out and about in town, put your mask around your lower arm so that when you go in a shop you remember it easily.

Top tip: have a couple of spare masks incase you lose one or someone else needs one (if it is clean and un-used that it).

Top tip: if you make your own masks then use a safety pin on the straps to get a feel for your size. When you have adjusted it to fit you then you can sew the strap.

Top tip: put a book in your bag before you go out shopping so that when you are in a queue, you can easily pass the time by reading.

Remember though, if you cannot show your smile it is okay as Jesus is looking more importantly at what is inside. He is looking at your heart to see if you love Him and your neighbour as He loves you a lot and these two are the greatest commandments. Pray to Jesus and He will help you. Got to mean it though guys.


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You need to get your human givens still in these times

I think that being in lockdown for a while and also the thought of another possible lockdown is having a bit of an effect on the way that people think. I think it gives people a lot of fear.

Obviously we need to contain the virus but I think that the isolation has caused a lot of mental health problems that are linked to fear.

I think that fear causes bad mental health. I also think that mental health is more of a spiritual thing sometimes but that is another story.

When we fear or when we are in a mess and do not feel loved, we can sometimes do negative things like turning to witchcraft or Fascism. Those two things go hand in hand by the way.

I am reading a book called Human Givens by Joe Griffin and Ivan Tyrrell. It is this psychology book that says we should make sure our human givens are met before we do something silly. Making sure that we have control over our lives, meaning and other givens too, but that we have privacy so that we can process the givens. Think about if you are getting them after you have read the right bits of the book.

IMO some people have stopped believing that they have privacy as they believe that they are on TV somehow. The kind of thing that people think when they get carried away at pub karioke. This is a mental health problem caused by the lockdown. You need to believe the truth that you are not on TV and thus not turn to something silly. If you believe that you have no privacy then you will have no privacy. I do not have this problem myself.

If we are a Christian then Jesus will meet our needs but even then it would be wise to make sure that we are getting our human givens.

I recommend that you read this book because of the current times but remember that Jesus Christ is our first help above all.

It is a semi thick book therefore maybe read it as a reference for the things that are applicable to you in these times.

Think about how we can use psychology in a positive way in order to help people. I do think that psychology is more of a “how” though and the bible is a “why” thing e.g. the days of creation in the book of Genesis (why) could be symbolic for the theory of evolution massive periods of time (how).

Shalom 😄💚😃❤

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How to possess the thing that helps keep you safe in these times

Jesus is the main thing (person) that keeps us safe BTW.

The thing that I speak of is wisdom though. Wisdom helps to keep you safe when things are going pear shaped. Wisdom is also pleasant when things are not stormy.

Now wisdom is how God sees the world and if we can get wisdom then we can be how God wants us to be.

A good way to become wise is to:

  1. Read the bible.
  2. Then apply the verses in your life.
  3. Observe it work e.g. you get blessing come back to you after giving to the poor. Luke 6:38.
  4. You see the world clearer now therefore you also see more of the bad.

This is a good way to get wisdom. Jesus give us wisdom and Jesus is the bible as the bible is the Word. See Proverbs 2:6.

There are many ways that wisdom can keep you safe e.g. you can be prudent:

The prudent sees danger and hides himself, but the simple go on and suffer for it.
Proverbs 27:12 ESV

So with the four steps above, you could apply this verse by buying lots of pasta before a second Corona wave.

The book of Proverbs is in the center of the bible. Proverbs is wisdom literature and IMO is like guide to the bible.

We need faith, and even though wisdom comes through faith, we need both. We can pray powerful prayers in faith for a fake charity as we did not have the wisdom to discern that it was a fake charity. Here, faith would be of no use without wisdom.

We can see if we are wise if we become listeners in a conversation. Not people who just want to expres their own opinion. I struggle with this so your not the only one, but sometimes I do it and I know it is right. It is the listeners that learn more and because they are humble, God favours them. Maybe the favour is strength from what they learn. The Proverb below is only a principle as I would never call someone a fool.

A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion.
Proverbs 18:2 ESV

But he gives more grace. Therefore it says, “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.”
James 4:6 ESV

Maybe the favour from humility to listen is the strength from what you learn on listening.

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If you are a noob then read this to become an ubernoob

First of all, being a Christian and having a relationship with Jesus is amazing. The things of this world grow strangely dim and your heart finds what it needs; acceptance, significance and security as you sync with your loving Father and creator God.

Here are a few top wisdomfortoday non-Christian posts:

If you are new to Christianity or you are just getting interested, then think about and do the following things:

  • Being a Christian is about having a relationship with Jesus through faith and following Him. It will help you if you understand what this means so do research from valid Christian sources to find out what it is all about.
  • Have regular coffees with a truly loving Christian who believes the bible and be nice and not prying. Learn from them. Please do not take advantage. Brothers and Sisters please be wise to who actually genuinely wants help and who does not. Obviously there are minions in the world BUT also in the church too to be fair. Obviously we know that the world is not completely full of Mother Theresa’s.
  • Remember and memorize what you have learnt in the two above points as this will make things easier. Pen and paper unless you have a good memory anyway.
  • Try not to be nervous, if you find a true Christian then they will bless you. Ask them about their testimony, the Gospel, how they recieved forgiveness for mischief and Jesus love.
  • Ask about receiving the Holy Spirit and praying the sinners prayer as none of us are perfect. That includes me very much. Only do this when you feel comfortable and understand what is being said.
  • Have a go at praising God ❤😃. Maybe look at nature like a beautiful sunset and tell Him how cool He is for making it.

Being a Christian can be hard sometimes. We learn to become new people so that takes a bit of work. We have God on our side though and so as He is love, His blessings far out weigh the struggles.

There is a whole new world of love for you in Jesus Christ. He paid for all of our naughtiness at the cross and is waiting with open arms to give you a big spiritual cuddle.

But if God is all powerful, then how does He allow suffering? The bible says that heaven is for eternity and that this life is a max of 120 years. Do you see the math for that, can you see that this is a short time of testing, or birth pains like the bible says.

I believe that in the spiritual realms in God’s lounge, He has pictures of you on His mantel piece of when you were happy and He has collected your sad tears in a bottle that He treats as sacred. The bible says clearly that God is just love, His feelings toward you are just love and Father God just wants to wrap you in His warm powerful arms of love and bless you home to heaven.

Sabrina the pussy cat has done her best to interfer with this post, but through the power of Jesus I have overcome and been triumphant. Possibly have a quick look at the ‘Recent labradoodle trouble’ post 🧡🐈💚❤😃