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Just a theory but there is some sound understanding in this picture below. Have you been scrachting your left ear a lot recently? Have your sinned more recently? Sin hurts more in the long run:

I sound a bit zombies maybe in this audio but zombies can still have a lot to offer 😀🐈💛❤💚🧡

Follow me on Instagram: johnbates524 explains what I go through.

Happy Christmas everyone! Jesus loves you 💚🐈😀💛🧡❤ and new year.

Will be NHS fundraising with a 5 mile run on the 4th of Jan:

Just did a 10k run on the 12th of December. Same url but jonathon-bates7 instead. Got £145 for them. Running off the Christmas food. Running like wind the 💛💚🐈🧡🙂 Thats me doing a bmx drop in the hope they would listen to the Gospel and stop smoking wacky backy lol. Bless them, I love them ❤

I’m not Jesus, but all Christians can be like little Jesus’s to hurting people in this hurting world. We try to bless you with His love that works through us.

I also Protest to all those who try in their own strength to be good even though with a good heart they try 💚❤💛🧡 We need Jesus to be righteous as this is the Gospel. Romans 3:23 “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”. Ephesians 2:8-9 “For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast.” Everyone stuggles with naughtiness basicly 🐈💛🙂💚

Mental health top tips:

Trying to have a giggle when things go pear shaped will also help a lot 😀🍐

A loving warning to my Brothers and Sisters. Please read these posts:

A big good idea: Jesus said lots of times in the bible that we should not be afraid. Face masks that are a blank colour, stop a massive percentage of our non-verbal communication (non-verbal comms is massive btw – 70% of our comms) therefore we should have nice colourful masks with pictures that show our good personality points on. This would stop people being afraid so much (afraid of the unknown). See the logic guys. Human beings are naughty though, that is why Jesus died for us. I am just the same but we can put our good points on.

If you are new to the faith or just interested in the Jesus dude then read the post from the link below as He loves you very much and can help you at the moment and forever. Apart from the ubernoob and maybe the labradoodle trouble posts, most of this blog is for people that have been Christians for a long time. The ubernoob post below is the homepage for non-Christians at (it is not my intention to pigeon hole you in any way):

Something about the number 19. 1900 metres underground in an ancient catacomb there is a 19 thousand year old scroll. Not really. Anyway…

Try the 19’s below:

Please can we pray against Covid-19 for 19 minutes at 1919 hours and praise Jesus in this time. A combined effort will do it. We should pray:

  • Praise Father God and praise Jesus.
  • That the virus ends ASAP.
  • That normal life would resume. That there would be limited to no damage to the world after the virus. This might be a more important prayer than for the virus stopping. Pray intelligently for better results.
  • For vulnerable children, people and animals to be protected. Think who else could be vulnerable and pray for them.
  • For Governments around the world to do what Jesus wants and be blessed for it.
  • For the NHS in the UK and medical people in other countries.
  • That we would all pray “that we all pray”. This is like a chain so that everyone prays and thus we keep spiritually healthy and don’t backslide i.e. keep serving Jesus and stay away from sin.
  • Global revival for Jesus.
  • That we would all trust Jesus and not be afraid.
  • For wisdom, understanding and prudence to multiply our faith, hope and love, to protect us and our families.

What better way to end the day just before bed then to raise your imaginary Moses staff in faith against Covid-19 and instead for global revival. Imagine the staff above your head giving you oodles of exciting faith. Praise Jesus and ask for all the enemies seeds sown at night whilst people sleep, to not take root so that the world will be a better place for the gospel tomorrow. Big prayers like this give a Romans 7:21 sometimes so be prudent about spiritual counter attacks.

There is probably a rise in cyber crime at the moment therefore tighten up ALL of your Facebook settings (e.g. use two step verification), don’t save passwords when logging into pages on your Internet browser, get wisely chosen anti-virus and firewall software. The only truly safe computer or mobile device is an unplugged one, therefore router off and data off or flight mode please until you need it. You still benefit from the resource of the Internet this way but you are safe as you are wise.

God is bigger than Corona, as the created stars in the sky, bigger than the earth the virus hurts.

Please follow the Government guidelines to stay in. This is for your own benefit as well.

On (now also, you can find lots of useful practical advice that is true to the Word of God. Advice to thrive and not just survive in the current times.

WFT is written by a mature Christian who has experienced the things that have been written about.

One of my main beliefs as a Christian is that Jesus wants to give you a big cuddle.

If we are locked down to our homes soon then Jesus is always available in heaven through prayer. He does actually exist and is very real. An easy bible version like the Message would be nice to snuggle up to with family at home. Maybe in a blanket fort with your dog or cat and coffee.

Just a few top posts below. You can use the top right menu to scroll through all of the posts.

There is a Jesus post on organic vegetables featuring zombies coming soon!

Hope you enjoy!