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You have a voice

Love is the greatest thing and the demons of fear dissolve.

It makes you break out of the mental cage of bullying that the minions put you in.

It frees up your mind so much and you cannot even be bothered to say sorry to the minions, their spell is broken.

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Little Things Pickup (LTP) – when you are at the end of yourself

Little Things Pickup (LTP) – when you are at the end of yourself.
Are you sitting at home miserable, fed up with the pain and just staring at a wall, lost in your thoughts?
Learn to say “LTP” when you are in thisĀ situation so that you remember to do few Little action type Things to Pick you up. Like these actions:
– put your slippers on.
– eat some chocolate.
– make a coffee.
– read only one verse from the bible that gives you hope.
– anything else that is an action that is a small thing.
Doing this breaks the negative cycle and using a technique like this gives me manna in itself as feelsĀ like you are a spiritual soldier that just got back up. These physical actions break the negative thought process.
You will be surprised that quite often after LTP, you will be back on track very soon e.g. you may say Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things in Christ who gives me strength” and then go for a run and/or go and bless somebody in a big way.
This can give you back your day so IĀ pray this post helps people.