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List of pickups for when your in a pickle

This is just my list that works for me when I am down. Print out your own list and refer to it when you are down.

I usually get to 12 and I feel fine again:

1. Just say “Father you are good” and try and mean it – even this is praise which is the highest form of faith.

2. Forgive your enemies from your heart and confess your sins – if there is sin from either party then this may stop the downer.

3. Put your Ephesians 6 armor properly whilst relaxing your body.

4. 2 – 10 minutes bible. An easy to manage time and picking it up for 30 seconds starts a 10 minute read.

5. Speak in tongues.

6. Use your authority in Christ to get rid of the demons.

7. Ask for prayer from someone.

8. Speak to another Christian.

9. Do some exercise like a 10 minute run.

10. Look at some nice photographs or nice objects that you have specially collected in a shoe box.

11. Just laugh at something. A memory or a non-detailed list (even better) of funny stuff you have seen.

12. Do a silly little dance – make sure you do not get seen though lol. ☺️

13. Make a cuppa with three sugars.

14. Think of greater positive thoughts every time you get a negative thought.

15. Calm words like Selah and relax your body.

16. Run away in your imagination like a child but make sure Jesus would approve of what you think and do not do it too long as you will get down again as the brain will need to calm down after.

Bless ya! 🍪🍰🎂🍬🍫
Might be a hint just above 😋

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